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Benefits and Programs That the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) Provides Its Members

1. Research Grant and Funding Program:

With this program, WISE enables and helps its members to apply for and acquire research grants, research contracts, and other funding for their research projects. For example, we has helped WISE members and research associates receive research grants totaling more than US$100,000.00 in some cases, with other large grants also awarded. (See footnote 1 for more Details)

2. CV-Resume Enhancement Program:

All WISE “members” are not just members of an organization, but have the official status of Directors, Faculty members, Fellows, Advisers, Research Scientists, or Research Associates, depending on their prior accomplishments and appointments within WISE. As such, WISE memeber in any position at WISE, including Research Associates can note their position on their resume or CV, on business cards, letterheads, on job applications, or in other appropriate places. (See Footnote 2 for additional details)

3. WISE Journal Publishing Benefits:

WISE publishes a quarterly WISE Journal, and allows its members and research associates to publish their articles without the traditional long wait and other problems that researchers and writers often face in getting their articles published. We allow publication in all written languages, and this includes non-European languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic and other languages. The WISE Journal is also a forum whereby all members and research associates can report their significant accomplishments and activities, such publishing articles or books, delivering presentations at conferences and meetings, conducting significant research projects or field investigations, or doing anything else of significance.

4. WISE Online Worldwide Resource Center and Digital Library (WRCDL): The online Worldwide Resource Center (WRCDL) was established to provide a single source to which people worldwide could go to in order to find information about any person, organization, periodical, subject, or activity in any country of the world dealing with integrative, alternative, and traditional medicine therapies, scientific anomalies, alternative energy, consciousness related subjects, and unexplained mysteries and phenomena of all kinds. By providing the Worldwide Resource Center, WISE hopes to promote and enhance cooperation and collaboration among researchers and others worldwide who have an interest in these subjects. A very important aspect of the WRCDL is the WISE Digital Library, described below with access to 257 full text journals and periodicals.

The online WRCDL is a gigantic database, directory, encyclopedia, and library with pages for thousands of people, organizations, periodicals, books, articles, and subjects of all kinds. It is similar to Wikipedia, but without the biased approach to scientific anomalies, integrative and alternative medicine, consciousness, and related subjects, and without the limitation to only well known or “newsworthy” people, organizations, and other subjects. But even better, you can create your own page in seconds, add or edit information on any other page that has already been created, leave comments, and do a number of other things to make this a valuable resource center for people worldwide.

5. WISE Digital Library (WDL):

WISE has established the WISE Digital Library (WDL) to complement its existing large physical libraries of several thousand books and periodicals on integrative, alternative and traditional medicine, scientific anomalies, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. WISE has begun to digitize journals and periodicals on all of these subjects, and to make links to such periodicals that have already been digitized, in order to make this literature available to researchers around the world. The WDL already has over 170 periodicals on these sbjects avialable via its digital library page at: WISE Digital Library (WDL). Access to hundreds of other periodicals, books, and other materials on the above subjects is in progress.

6. National Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Medicine Library (NICTML):This library has hundreds of books, periodicals, and articles on all subjects related to integrative, complementary, alternative, and traditional medicine, worldwide, including: acupuncture, alternative AIDS therapies and theories; aura field and Kirlian medical diagnostics; alternative cancer therapies; energy medicine therapies; magnetic and electromagnetic field therapies; homeopathic therapies; mental and faith healing; naturopathic medicine; music and sound therapy; nutritional and nutraceutical therapies; phage therapies; radiesthesia, radionics, medicinal plants, traditional and folk medicine; shamanic medicine, and many other subjects. In addition, the library has a large collection of books and materials on anti-aging medicine.

7. Collaboration Enhancement Program (CEP)

WISE has established a Collaboration Enhancement Program (CEP) to enable all members to more easily interact and collaborate with researchers around the country and world on projects and subjects of mutual interest. We want every individual member of WISE to be able to get involved in the research or projects they are most passionate about. With the CEP program, we will begin listing every member under the WISE Division(s) and Department(s) covering the subject area of your interest, as you have expressed in the surveys we have conducted, in emails, and other forms of communication. This program will also complement and support the Professor Research Assistance Program (PRAP) and Author Research Assistance Program (ARAP) that WISE described below. 


8. Divisions, Departments, and Projects Covering Every Subject You May Be Intereted In: WISE has 29 Research Divisions, each with several Departments, covering all existing subject areas of scientific anomalies, intergrative, alternative, and traditional medicine therapies, alternative energy, alternative scientific hypotheses and speculations, and unexplained mysteries of all kinds in science, technology, history, religion, folklore, and many other fields. So whatever interests you have in these subjects, we have a place for you, with on-going projects you can participate in, or you can initiate your own project, and others will join to help you.

9. International and Local Branches of WISE, Worldwide:

WISE has already established official WISE Branches and/or National Advisory Councils (NACs) in China, India, Russia, Canada, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Latvia, Laos, Japan, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, with Branches and NACs in various stages of development in other countries around the world. National Advisory Councils are being established for every one of the 236 countries and non-independent territories of the world.

Because there are people in every country of the world who have an interest in scientific anomalies, integrative, alternative, and traditional medicine, and unexplained phenomena of many kinds, WISE will establish branches and chapters in the major cities of all countries and nations of the world, as well as, at colleges and universities, so that everyone can collaborate, network, and work together to further the research on these subjects. So please let us know if you would like to establish a WISE research branch or chapter in your city, and we will help you set it up.

10. Speakers Bureau and a Professional Booking Office: WISE has recently established a Speakers Bureau and Professional Booking Office for WISE members who wish to be available for professional speaking engagements, radio and TV appearances, or other public events and venues. In addition, this service is also for WISE members who may wish to have assistance in booking their other professional services such as those related to special healing abilities, special mental abilities, special training services, or other special services that members provide.

11. Professor Research Assistance Program to (PRAP): WISE has recently established the Professor Research Assistance Program (PRAP) to help busy professors with their research on scientific anomalies, integrative, alternative, and traditional medicine, and research on other unexplained phenomena. Professors are notorious for having many ongoing projects, but too little time or help to do them. And this is especially so with research on the above subjects, where the professor can expect little or no help or sympathy from his or her university department. So with this program, WISE will help find volunteers who can assist professors with their most daring research projects.

12. Author Research Assistance Program (ARAP): WISE has also established an Author Research Assistance Program (ARAP) to help authors of books and articles on scientific anomalies, integrative, alternative, and traditional medicine, consciousness research, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. Research materials on such subjects is frequently difficult to find, sin e such literature in often not in even the largest of libraries, and may not be indexed in even the most comprehensive indexes of conventional scientific, and social science literature. Authors therefore frequently need specialized research assistance, which WISE will help to provide.

13. Literature Preservation Search, and Rescue Program (LPSRP): WISE has established a Literature Preservation Search and Rescue Program to track down, acquire, and preserve personal and organization collections and libraries of literature on the subjects of integrative, alternative, and traditional medicine, consciousness research, alternative energy, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. Many collections are at risk for loss, especially the collections and files of defunct or dying organizations and periodicals, as well as, the collections of people who have passed away. Some large collections have already been lost.

WISE, will preserve any "at risk" collections, as well as, provide a place where individuals can have their own personal collections and papers preserved, within the WISE National Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional Medicine Library (NCATML) and the National Library of Scientific Anomalies and Unexplained Phenomena (NLSAUP).

14. National Library of Scientific Anomalies and Unexplained Phenomena (NLSAUP):

WISE has established this national library network , with the main library at WISE headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and with a branch in Colorado, and others planned in various other parts of the country. This library network houses thousands of hardcopy books, periodicals, articles, and archival materials related to scientific anomalies, alternative science, alternative energy, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. It also provides space where individuals may house their own private collections, files, notebooks, and papers, so that they can be preserved and made available to researchers.

15. Journal Publishing Services Program:

WISE has established a program to help researchers, authors, and writers to get their articles prepared for publication and then published and made available for the world to see online. We can publish WISE members articles in our own WISE Journal, and we have made special arrangements with another journal and magazine publishing company to expedite the publication of the articles you would like to publish on any subject matter of your interest, and in any language you wish to write your article in. We want everyone in the world to be able to publish their research, ideas, opinions, and other creative works, without the traditional frustrations and impediments to publication that authors have historically faced, especially in relation to unconventional subjects and very innovative ideas. These impediments have been faced by many people historically by reason of the subject matter of submitted articles, but also by researchers and writers in developing nations, who have sometimes been discriminated against by editors and peer reviewers of journals and magazines published in Western countries. (See footnote 3 for additional details)

16. International Coalition of Anomalies Libraries and Private Collections (ICOALPC) and the International Coalition of Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional Medicine Libraries and Private Collections (ICCATMLC)  These coalitions were organized to establish coordination and cooperation among the libraries, organizations, and private individuals who maintain collections of materials related to anomalies, unexplained phenomena, alternative science, alternative energy, alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine, and similar subjects.

17. Extraordinary Services and Technologies, Inc. (ESTI):  This for-profit corporation was established to provide a vehicle to market the various extraordinary products and services that are being developed through the research and development activities of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE), and includes various alternative science, alternative energy, and alternative and traditional medicine products and services. In addition, ESTI was also established to provide a vehicle for other non-profit organizations, independent researchers, inventors, and others to market the extraordinary products and services that they may develop as well. And finally, ESTI was established to help provide entrepreneurial services, such as venture capital funding, business “angel” funding, and related services for those developing extraordinary products, services, and technologies that are based on scientific anomalies or phenomena that may not yet be fully explained by conventional science.

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1. Research Grants and Funding Service:

With this service, WISE provides a vehicle for all of its Directors, Faculty members, Fellows, Advisers, Research Scientists, and Research Associates to make grant applications to funding agencies of all kinds. Almost all foundations, government agencies, and corporate grant making bodies in the United States require that the official recipient of a grant be a nonprofit organization. This makes it very difficult for individuals to apply for or receive grants of any kind on their own, and therefore, an individual needs to apply through a nonprofit organization, such as WISE, in order to receive grants.

In addition, WISE grant funding services can be of great value to graduate students or professors at colleges and universities through which they would normally apply for grants. In many cases, professors and graduate students may be unable or unwilling to apply for grants through their college or university because of the controversial or “academically taboo” subject matter of their proposed study. This could be due to potential criticism by colleagues, ostracism, embarrassment, or other reasons, if a research proposal on an anomalies subject, alternative medicine, or other subjects were submitted through normal university channels. For example, no professor or graduate student would ever dare apply for a grant to study anti-gravity through their university astronomy or physics departments in most US or other Western countries. But they would certainly be welcome to do so through WISE.

2. Resume Enhancement Benefits:

Being a WISE Director, Faculty member, Fellows, Adviser, Research Scientist, or Research Associate bestows a professional position upon WISE members, and you can note that position on your resume or CV, on business cards, letterheads, on job applications, or in other appropriate places. This benefit will be of particular value to college graduate students, undergraduate students, people who have quit, been laid off, or fired from a job and don’t want embarrassing gaps in their resumes, retirees who may want to continue to work and/or maintain their resume, and people in many other situations. Thus, as an WISE Director, Faculty member, Fellow, Adviser, Research Scientist, or Research Associate, you will be able show a truly professional position, of which you can be proud, on your business cards and other documents and credentials.

3. Publishing Services Benefits: 

Part of WISE’s mission to help support and facilitate its members’ publication of scientific papers and articles on scientific anomalies, alternative medicine, alternative hypotheses, speculations, or any other subject covered by our many research divisions. Many journals and editors will not accept articles on these subjects, but WISE Journal will, since we believe it is important to cover innovative , and sometimes controversial areas of science and medicine.

WISE will help its Faculty members, Fellows, Advisers, Research Scientist, and Research Associates, and other members, whenever necessary, to get their articles published relatively quickly and easily, without the typically long waiting periods and other publishing obstacles frequently faced by researchers and authors of papers on anomalies subjects when dealing with conventional editors and peer reviewers. This will enable researchers to publish articles on anomalies, unexplained phenomena, novel ideas and devices, controversial subjects, and any other subject that might be summarily rejected by standard journal editors and “peers.” But in addition, it will enable researchers and authors seeking to publish articles even on common subjects to get their articles published much more quickly than in standard journals, thus establishing “primacy” of their ideas and their research. This will be a valuable service to researchers worldwide in all areas of the natural and social sciences. So if you have had difficulty or concerns about getting your article published because of rejections, endless delays, editorial hacking of your article, fear of peer ripoff of your original idea or work, or have any other publishing problems, please let WISE know at: journalarticlesunlimited at gmail.com

Our philosophy is that if you have done research, written a paper, or have an opinion about some subject, you should be able to get it published for the world to see, and receive publishing credit for it. You certainly deserve this publishing credit, which you can add to and enhance your resume, but which you might not be able to do, if it were just another posting to a blog, a group discussion, or a comment in the “comment section” following someone else’s article.

For the procedures on writing and getting your papers published, please go to the “Resources for Researchers” section at the bottom of each website page and click on “How to Write a Scientific Paper for Publication and Get It Published Quickly.”

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