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WISE Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1 (April, 2013)

Dear WISE Members

In the last newsletter we mentioned our one-year Anniversary and the surprising success of WISE around the world in such a short time. Individuals are approaching us because they share our vision and want to play an active role in developing WISE in their country and around the world. Thanks to their enthusiastic pro-activeness and willingness to help, we are holding our first WISE International Conference in Viterbo, Italy in August, while other events around the world are being planned with local WISE members.

Major News for WISE Members - No More Membership Fees!

In discussing these welcomed events, the leadership of WISE has come to a major decision affecting all current and future members of WISE: no more membership fees. The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) does not depend on membership fees for its operations nor for the many programs we offer. The vision and philosophy of WISE is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by opening the doors of the scientific world to subject areas of research that have long been ignored, and to create bridges across different disciplines and across the academic, private sector, and governmental organizations. We believe that the decision to eliminate membership dues is very fitting with that vision and philosophy and will enable many more people to participate in this great quest.

WISE provides a worldwide platform for research and publication on scientific anomalies, alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine, consciousness, parapsychology, alternative energy, historical legends, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. And in providing a platform for these subjects, WISE wants to make sure that we include all individuals, worldwide, who would like to participate in the programs and activities of WISE, and not have membership dues or the lack of money to be an inhibiting factor. Therefore, after careful consideration we decided to eliminate all membership dues, and yet still provide all of our many benefits free of charge. (Click here to go to the page showing our many benefits.)

For those who speak of the law of attraction, WISE is experiencing its benefits: members, donors, and volunteer workers have all been coming to us in droves. Most of the work is being done by dedicated and hard-working volunteers. As we grow, we trust that this law of attraction will continue to inspire those who wish and can afford to support the mission of WISE in any way they can, if only by moral support. There are many programs in which you can participte and ways you can help. We want everyone to engage in the area of their passion, so please take a look at the 17 benefits and programs noted above, and let us know how you would like to participate.

We Thank You for being part of the WISE movement, and wish you happy Spring Days!

John Reed, M.D., Dominique Surel, Ph.D., Dick Blasband, M.D.



  • WISE International Conference August 1 – 4, Viterbo Italy

    Life Energy: Syntropy and Resonance  (Click Here)

  • Summary of the 17 WISE Benefits and Programs  (Click Here)


Table of Contents:

1. WISE Expands Its Digital Library Dramatically to 120 Full-Text Periodical Titles

2. Dr. Dominique Surel’s Presentation on Remote Viewing and Intuitive Intelligence – Big Hit at International Conference in Helsinki 

3. Dr. Bill Bengston, SSE President, Speaks to the WISE Hong Kong Branch Meeting

4. SSE 32nd Annual Meeting, June 6 - 8, 2013

5. WISE Establishes Collaboration Enhancement Program

6. WISE Helsinki Branch Holds Meeting

7. The Indian Society for Indic Studies (ISIS) Holds International Conference on Ancient Indian Wisdom and the Modern World

8. Interesting Advertisements (new book, T. Townsend Brown's Papers, Smithsonian Secret Warehouse, and others) (Special: William R. Corliss Books for sale)


WISE Expands Its Digital Library Dramatically to 120 Full-Text Periodical Titles

You can now link to more than 120 digitized, full text periodicals on alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine, scientific anomalies, parapsychology, spiritualism, the paranormal, and related subjects. (Click here) This is the largest library of digitized periodicals on these subjects ever compiled. However, it is only the beginning, because it is the mission of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) to digitize and make freely available to researchers worldwide every periodical that has ever been published anywhere in the world on these subjects, within the bounds of copyright, of course.

Scope of Task

There are hundreds of periodicals on these subjects that have been published over the years, many of which are now defunct. And WISE and its partners around the world are in the process of digitizing all those periodicals that have not yet been digitized, with the goal of making them available through links in this library and other websites to researchers in every nation.

Benefits to Researchers Worldwide

We feel that this would be a substantial service and benefit to people worldwide, who have, until now, been unable to access most such periodicals, since many are rare, hard to find, and in very few university or public libraries anywhere in the world. Moreover, we feel that this will help spur and enhance research on the above subjects, since more prior research will now be available for researchers to use, and to be inspired by.

Avoiding Duplication of Effort

But WISE does not want to duplicate the digitizing of any periodical that someone else has already done or started. And by the same token, we don't want anyone else to waste their valuable time, money, and other resources digitizing periodicals that we or someone else has already done or is doing. So WISE is coordinating the worldwide effort to digitize the periodicals on all of the above subjects, and has created the International Coalition of Periodical Digitizing Organizations and Individuals (ICPDOI) to work with our partners and colleagues around the world.

The Master List of Digitization Projects

WISE has created and is maintaining a "Master List" of all digitization projects of periodicals we know about worldwide on the above subjects. This master list includes those periodicals for which digitization has been completed, has been started, or is being planned. We are also attempting to identify any digitization projects that we do not yet know about, so please let us know of any such projects that you are aware of by emailing us at: iseresearch51@gmail.com.

Before You Begin or Continue a Periodical Digitization Project

So if you are thinking about digitizing any periodicals on the above subjects, or perhaps already have started to do, please contact WISE at the above email address to verify if anyone else is already doing it, or perhaps has completed what you intend to do. We have already encountered cases where people have spent large amounts of time and money digitizing periodicals, only to discover that it had already been done years before.

Not All Digitized Periodicals We Have Are Yet in the WISE Digital Library

As noted above, we have links to over 120 digitized periodicals, and many more have been digitized and are ready to be added, but we just have not yet had the time to put them in this WISE Digital Library. So please do not assume that if a journal is not listed below that it is OK to start or continue digitizing it. Only the Master List of digitization projects will be able to indicate the digitization status of any periodical.

Each of You Can Be a Big Help To Researchers Worldwide

Needless to say, digitizing hundreds of rare, hard to find periodicals is a huge task, but each of you can contribute in this great effort, and thereby help researchers around the world. You can be a great help by simply checking your computer or external hard drives, or other databases you have access to, and looking for periodicals on the above subjects that have been digitized as PDFs or other file types. You can then either send WISE the files directly or send the internet address/URL to WISE at the email address: iseresearch51@gmail.com Or you can simply post the same information in the "Comments" space above. We will then add to the library what you have sent and give you full credit, and you will have made a lasting contibution to help researchers worldwide.


Dr. Dominique Surel’s Presentation on Remote Viewing and Intuitive Intelligence – Big Hit at International Conference in Helsinki


The annual International Mina Olen (I AM in Finnish) Mind, Body, Soul Conference was held in Helsinki, Finland, in early March, with an attendance of over 4,000 people from around the world. The main invited speaker at this conference was WISE  vice-president, Dr. Dominique Surel, who delivered a presentation on Controlled Remote Viewing and Intuitive Intelligence to a standing-room only crowd in a packed lecture auditorium. The auditorium has 650 seats, but demand was so great that 732 tickets were sold for Dr. Surel’s presentation, and people were sitting on the steps to the stage, and standing wherever they could in the auditorium.

Helsinki in Winter

Dr. Surel discussed her unique methodology of using the powerful components of the Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) protocol to develop and apply intuitive skills. The lecture was resoundingly received, and was followed by several workshops, during the following week, on CRV and Intuitive Intelligence.

These two topics generated great interest, and each workshop was attended by 50 to over 90 participants. “I find the people in Finland unique because although they are very much grounded in the reality of this planet, they are also very open-minded and in touch with the larger cosmic environment, more so than most Americans or even Western Europeans in general”, said Dr. Surel.  “We spent many evenings until early morning hours discussing human consciousness, entanglement, holographic systems and many other related topics”.

 One of Dr. Surel's Workshops

Dr. Surel held one workshop at the Medical University Museum, a building that creates an inspirational environment with its beautiful architectural features. Other workshops were held in 1800s style lecture halls with the beautiful old wooden amphitheatre paneling and tables.




Thanks to Dr. Albert So’s dedication as the WISE Hong Kong Branch Director, and the local WISE members’ great enthusiasm, another branch meeting was organized and held on March 22, 2013, in Hong Kong, China. The US invited speaker at this event was Dr. Bill Bengston, President of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), who delivered an important presentation on his research using energy healing techniques to successfully treat cancer in mice.  Although the WISE Hong Kong Branch meetings are physically held in Hong Kong, Dr. Bengston spoke to the group from New York, with his presentation delivered to the meeting via the Internet.

Healing & Curing Cancer

Dr. Bengston discussed the data he has collected from more than a dozen experiments on mice in half a dozen different laboratories, including three medical schools. The findings indicate that reliable, full lifespan cures of mice infected with normally fatal cancers can be achieved.  These cures were brought about by Dr. Bengston's “energy healing” techniques, and have been replicated even by skeptical researchers.  Clinically, these same healing techniques have also been applied to selected individuals with positive results.  

Dr. Bengston indicated that, based on his research findings, we can confidently conclude that certain energy healing techniques can cure cancer in mice under controlled laboratory conditions. He also suggested that such energy healing techniques might be able to be taught and learned by individuals, who could then use such techniques to help cure themselves. John H. Reed, M.D., President of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE), was asked about Dr. Bengston’s research and said, “ Dr. Benston’s research has enormous medical and public health implications for the treatment of cancer, and potentially other diseases, if these energy healing techniques are successful, and especially if they can be taught and learned.” Dr. Reed went on to suggest that formal human trials should begin as soon as possible in order to start saving lives and show the efficacy of these techniques.

About Dr. Bengston

Dr. William (Bill) Bengston is a Professor at St. Joseph's College in New York. His research has produced the first successful full lifespan cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in experimental mice by “energy healing” techniques that he helped to develop.  He has also investigated assorted correlates to healing such as geomagnetic micropulsations and EEG harmonics and entrainment. For more information, contact Dr. Bengston at:  wbengston@sjcny.edu If you are interested in Dr. Bengston’s research, WISE highly recommends his book: The Energy Cure, which is available via Amazon and other sources in various formats.  

 Dr. Bengston's Book                          



SSE 32nd Annual Meeting, June 6 - 8, 2013

The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) will be holding its 32nd Annual meeting at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn Michigan, June 6-8. Because WISE supports the SSE and its mission, we urge everyone to attend. Below are the key highlights of this upcoming exciting meeting:

Overall Theme - Unsettled Science: All science is a work-in-progress and therefore unsettled, with some disciplines being more unsettled than others. Anomalies are the biggest threat to the foundations of mainstream science and the focus of the presentations at the Society for Scientific Exploration annual meeting.

Three areas of interest will be explored by SSE’s invited speakers:

Aerial Anomalies

UFO Reports: How to Defend an Anomaly with Less-Than-Ideal Evidence

Eddie Bullard, University of Indiana, Bloomington

Historical Anomalies

Six Evidentiary Revolutions in the Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contact Controversy

Stephen C. Jett, University of California, Davis

Body/Mind Anomalies

A Reappraisal of Yoga in Light of Recent Developments in Cognitive Neuroscience

Donald J. DeGracia, Wayne State University School of Medicine


There will also be contributed talks on psi, survival, healing, and general anomalistics.


At the Dearborn Inn - A large block of rooms has been reserved for the SSE at a special conference rate of $110/night. Reservations must be made by April 27, 2013, to receive this rate. Ask for the SSE block when making reservations, or use “SSESSEA.” Hotel - (313) 271-2700 Toll Free Reservations - (888) 236-2427

For the meeting flyer with complete details and registration, click here.

The Society encourages the attendance of students and young investigators, and the meetings are open to the public. To place an advertisement in the program booklet, contact the program chair, Patrick Huyghe, at huyghe at anomalist.com before April 15.


WISE Establishes the Collaboration Enhancement Program (CEP)


An Aspiration of Most Researchers

The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) has just established the Collaboration Enhancement Program (CEP) in order to address an important aspiration of researchers. One of the most frequent and important desires of researchers is to be able to collaborate and interact with other people who have an interest in or are doing research in a particular subject area.  And this is an especially important aspiration for members of organizations like WISE that have members with a wide range of subject interests in alternative and traditional medicine, scientific anomalies, consciousness, parapsychology, alternative energy, and related subjects.

Frustration and Loss of Opportunity

However, many organizations do not provide a directory showing the subject interests of their members. This is frustrating to members who may want to interact or collaborate with others having similar interests. But perhaps just as importantly, it inhibits research due to the inability of people with similar interests to get together, cooperate, collaborate, and exchange ideas about research projects and other subjects of mutual interest. It also denies the opportunity to those people who would like to volunteer to assist professors, authors, or others doing research or a project on a particular subject. But it also denies the very busy professor, author, or project leaders the opportunity to receive the often much needed volunteer assistance people have to offer, as well as, the cooperation and collaboration of others.

Helping Solve the Problem

To help solve this problem, WISE established the CEP to enable all members to more easily interact and collaborate with researchers around the country and world on projects and subjects of mutual interest. We want every individual member of WISE to be able to get involved in the research or projects they are most passionate about. With the CEP program, we will begin listing every member under the WISE Division(s) and Department(s) covering the subject area of your interest, as you have expressed in the surveys we have conducted, in emails, and other forms of communication. This program will also complement and support the Professor Research Assistance Program (PRAP) and Author Research Assistance Program (ARAP) that WISE established several months ago.


Since you have often noted subject interests in a number of different areas, we will list your name under each of the WISE Departments covering your areas of interests. And since there are 29 WISE Divisions and a number of specialty subject departments within each division, almost everyone’s interests will be covered. However, if you have an interest that is not covered by one of the WISE Departments, please let us know.

We just started this program, and have not yet been able to get many names up on the WISE website, but soon you will be able to go to the WISE website at: http://instituteforscientificexploration.org, click on the division(s) that covers your area of interest and see all of the other people who have similar interests in the various specialized departments. With several thousand members in WISE, this will take some time, but we will get it done as soon as possible.

Let Us Know Your Interests and Passions

Most members replied to the surveys we have conducted, but some did not. So if you have not yet indicated your areas of interest and passion, please let us know by email at: iseresearch51@gmail.com. Needless to say, volunteer help is always limited, so the sooner you get your name listed under the WISE Department covering your subject of interest, the better chance you will have to get volunteers, collaborators, and others to work with you.

To indicate your areas of interest, you can also go to the WISE Worldwide Resource Center (WWRC) (http://wisewiki.org), which is a gigantic encyclopedia-directory, similar to Wikipedia, and add your interests and biographical information to your web page, which in most cases, has already been established for you. As an open wiki, after you register, you can create pages on any subject, or add any information you want about yourself, or other areas of interest, just as people can do in Wikipedia, other wikis, and in many blogs. There are more than 20,000 people, organizations, periodicals, and subjects with pages in this encyclopedia that people have created which need detailed information, so feel free to add as much information as you want.

Respect for Privacy

Please note that we respect everyone’s privacy, so if, for whatever reason, you do not wish to collaborate with anyone, or to be listed under the WISE Department that covers your areas of interest, please let us know. We hope, however, that everyone wants to become involved in some way to help enhance cooperation and collaboration and thereby help advance research in the fields of alternative and traditional medicine, scientific anomalies, consciousness, parapsychology, alternative energy, and related subjects.




By Dr. Dominique Surel


On Saturday March 16th, Asta Raami with the assistance of Samu Mielonen hosted the first Helsinki WISE meeting in her lovely home just outside the city that is two blocks away from the then-frozen Baltic Sea.  The meeting started around 4:30pm with a group of about twelve people from all different backgrounds. At 1:30 in the morning we found ourselves in a heated discussion being escorted out of a restaurant onto a frozen sidewalk of Helsinki - the owner of the restaurant politely informed us that he would like to go home now…

Professors Asta Raami and Samu Mielonen, Leaders of the WISE Helsinki Branch on the Shore of the Frozen Baltic Sea

Due to a previous meeting I arrived late at 6:30pm in the middle of an animated discussion about consciousness and energy fields. We officially started the meeting with introductions and I was amazed at the various backgrounds: mathematics Professor, business consultant, a few coaches, musician, yoga teacher, primary school teacher, graduate student, designer, therapist, and others I cannot recall. Most of these people had not met prior to this meeting. What brought them here? They are each inspired by the WISE vision and the worldwide organizational structure. Many expressed that they felt isolated and had no one to talk to about issues that relate to humanity and alternative concepts and sciences. Credit has to be given to both Asta and Samu, colleagues who specialize in the research and development of intuition, and who each are truly visionary and inspirational individuals.

After explaining how other local branches organize their meetings by choosing a discussion topic with a presenter who will speak for about 30 minutes and then the rest of the meeting is opened to discussion, we decided to make a list of possible topics of discussion. The enthusiasm was so great that I think we spent about two hours listing topics that include: CRV, energy fields, resonance between people, energy medicine, neuroscience, healing, consciousness, and last but not least… a spoon bending party that I offered to host via Skype or during my next visit!

Dr. Surel and Others at the WISE Helsinki Branch Meeting

As the evening progressed we became aware that it was about 9:45pm and we did not want to outstay our visit at Asta’s home. Someone suggested that we all drive to nearby Helsinki and have dinner. Apart from a few people who had to go home, most of us, to include Asta and Samu, immediately piled into different cars and re-united in a great Moroccan restaurant where we resumed our passionate discussions and experiences about unexplained phenomena. Again, we had created a sort of non-local-time-bubble that was burst after 1am by the charming owner who begged us to leave so he could go home. If it were not for the freezing temperature outside I think we would not have gone back to our cars and would have continued over breakfast! I got back to my hotel just before 2am with a 4am taxi to the airport. By the way, at 4am the streets were full of people leaving the night scene and seeking taxis…

Asta emailed that “We all were really happy that something like this can be launched in Finland. I have more new names to be added in the list (-- persons doing research in the University). There is a growing interest towards WISE issues”. If anyone is interested in joining the WISE Helsinki Branch, please contact Asta: asta.raami@gmail.com


The Indian Society for Indic Studies (ISIS) Holds International Conference on Ancient Indian Wisdom and the Modern World

All differences in this world are of                                          

degree, and not of kind, because                                          

oneness is the secret of every thing

Swami Vivekananda

This unique and very enlightening conference was held on March 29-31, 2013, at the Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre, 219-Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, in New Delhi, India. The conference brought together about 200 scholars and experts, worldwide, who discussed and shared their knowledge of ancient Indian wisdom and its profound impact on the modern world and its future, and explored the secret of oneness in everything.

Prominent Speakers

Some prominent speakers included internationally known scholars: Professor Ramanath Sharma, University of Hawaii, USA, and Dr. S. Ramaratnam, Vice Chancellor, Jagadguru Kripalu University, Cuttack, Orissa, India, gave keynote addresses. Professor P.B. Sharma. Vice Chancellor, Delhi Techno-logical University, addressed the audience as a guest of honour. Prof. K C. Upadhyay, Director, Amity University, Noida, and former Vice Chancellor of the M.S. University, Baroda and Professor of life sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, gave the presidential address.

Other scholars discussed the truths and reality of ancient Indian concepts of consciousness, cosmology, yoga, medicine, Ayurveda, and many other aspects of ancient Indian culture that are only recently being researched by modern scientists. They also explored how these concepts can be applied or are otherwise relevant to modern society to solve many of its current problems. For example, Denis Kleschev from Russia gave a power-point presentation on “Vedic Wisdom and Structural Harmony of Systems”. Denis concluded that harmony ("Dharma") supports coexistence of all objects in the Universe. So, the mathematics of harmony allows passing to the quantitative description of the physical theories of David Bohm and Fritjof Capra. Other prominent speakers, Dr. S. Letchoumanane and Professor Vijay Gupta gave a power-point presentation on the applications of Vrikshayaurveda (ancient science of plant life) and Simplified Kundalini Yoga to study their effects to increase crop yields. In addition, several presentations were made on the Vedas, the Upanishads, and Sanskrit, the language in which these ancient texts were written.

Plenary and Paper Reading Sessions

Due to a huge response to the conference, the presentations were divided into two groups of sessions: Plenary and Paper reading. A list of each set of sessions is given below:

Plenary Sessions:

1. Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern Life Sciences;

2. Relevance of Ancient Sanskrit for the Modern World;

3. Ancient Indian Ayurveda and Modern Science;  

4. Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern Physical Science and Technology;

5. Buddhism and the Modern World

6. Ancient Wisdom and Management, Governance, Administration

7. Ancient Indian Wisdom, Agricultural, Environmental Sciences and Global    Warming;

8. The Ancient Science of Yoga for the Modern Age


Paper Reading Sessions:

1. Sanskrit Literature

2. Asian Studies: Culture, Literature, Arts and History

3. Relevance of Buddhism for Modern World

4. Ancient Wisdom & Management, Governance and Administration

5. Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern World

6. Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistic and Sanskrit language

7. Relevance of Philosophy for Modern World

8. Relevance of Astrology & Astronomy

9. Paper readings on miscellaneous topics

Over 100 conference abstracts from the plenary and the paper reading sessions are being complied. A link to those abstracts will be made available in the next WISE Newsletter.

ISIS Vision

ISIS’s vision is to create an academic network of scholars who can contribute to the body of knowledge linking ancient Indian wisdom with modern sciences, health, management, governance and administration to help solve the problems of the modern world. The focal point of the conference was to revisit and rethink the substantial material preserved in ancient Indian scriptures in the context of modern studies and research, and to bring out those materials which are relevant for further advancements.

Conference Broadcast Worldwide

The conference was broadcasted worldwide as a live Webcast, and recorded. The recorded conference presentations will be available at an affordable cost of Rs 1150/- in India and $45.00 in other countries via a link in the next WISE Newsletter.

Conference Planners

Dr. Ramanath Pandey, Managing Director & Secretary of ISIS & Dr. Paramamitra Shastri Educational and Charitable Trust (DRPSECT), was the Conference Coordinator. Please address all inquiries to the email: rnpmsuoi@gmail.com or phone: +91-9998281366 or +91-8128867324.

Members of the Indian Organizing Committee:

Mrs. Madhuri Pandey, Treasurer, ISIS & DRPSECT

Dr Sanjeev Sharma, Joint Secretary ISIS, Assist Prof. Guwahati University

Dr Ajay Jha, Joint Secretary ISIS, Assist Prof. Satyawati College, University of Delhi

Mr Gunadhar Pandey, Joint Secretary, DRPSECT, GM, CCL

Mr Satish Pandey, Manager, Hero Honda, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Members of the International Planning Committee:

Vijay Gupta, PhD, Fellow Emeritus and Professor (Retd.)

        The University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA

John Reed, MD, President

        World Institute for Scientific Exploration, Baltimore, MD, USA

Indira Bhatt Gupta, MSW, Faculty

        Rocky Mountain Inst. of Yoga and Ayurveda, Boulder, CO, USA

Murali K Sreenivasan, MBA, Professor  & Coordinator

        USA WEST, World Community Service Center, India.





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