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-- Yoga Studies Research Center

The Yoga Studies Research Center is a research center within the Indian Medicine, Science, and Culture Division of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration.

Mission: The mission of the Yoga Studies Research Center (YSRC) is to do research on all aspects of yoga and to determine the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga, and to promote the use of these practices to benefit people worldwide. 

Projects of the Yoga Studies Research Center:

1. Yoga Bibliography Project: To establish an ongoing comprehensive bibliography of all publications and other writings about yoga, in all languages, worldwide, and to provide that bibliography on the WISEwiki page for this project;

2. Yoga Study, Practice, and Research Organizations Project: To identify and provide a listing of all yoga study, practice, and research organizations, worldwide, and to create WISEwiki pages for each organization with detailed information about each;

3. Yoga Periodicals Project: To identify and provide a listing of all periodicals in the world that focus on yoga, and to create a WISEwiki page for each periodical with detailed information about each. 

4. Yoga Writers and Researchers Project: To identify all writers and researchers, worldwide, who research and write about yoga, to create a WISEwiki page about each person, and to provide biographies and bibliographies of each researcher's writings on those WISEwiki pages.

5. Yoga Digitization Project: To digitize all books, periodicals, and articles about yoga, and make them freely available to the world, within copyright laws, from links within WISEwiki.

6. Yoga Library Project: To provide a library of all possible yoga books, periodicals, articles, and other materials either online or in physical form, and make these materials available by direct physical access, lending, or online, from links within WISEwiki.

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