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WISE Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 7 (January 14, 2013)

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Dear WISE Members,

We are happy to announce that with this issue of the newsletter, coming to you via the WISE Worldwide Resource Center wiki, we are celebrating our first year anniversary of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE). In this brief time, through the efforts and help of all of you, we are proud to have accomplished more in one year than many organizations have accomplished after years or even decades of operation. Here is a summary of the 17 programs, projects, and benefits we have in operation for our members: (Click Here) And we have to thank all of you for your time, labor, and other contributions in making WISE and its projects and programs a huge success.

(News Flash!!!! WISE Announces the 2013 International Conference on Life Energy: Syntropy and Resonance )

But this is just beginning, because we have many other plans, projects, and programs in the works for this coming year. WISE has numerous projects going on in the United States, Europe, China, India, other countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other parts of the world. So many projects and other activities are going on, that we have not yet had the time to list them all on the WISE website or on this Resource Center website. But that is one of the things we will be doing in the very near future, so that our members worldwide can see and participate in the many existing projects, or initiate new projects they are interested in starting anywhere in the world.

We have a lot more exciting news about the various activities and projects that WISE has been working since the September - October, 2012, issue of the WISE Newsletter. As usual, people are continuing to join WISE from all over the world, and more members are volunteering to help start research projects, becoming division, department or national advisors and directors. 

It seems that there is a great reservoir of people in the world who want to stop just talking about things and to start taking action in our great quest to investigate and do research on scientific anomalies, alternative energy, alternative and traditional medicine, unsolved mysteries, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds, and then to develop technologies and services from that research that will benefit people.

Thank you all again for all that you have done to make the World Institute for Scientific Exploration a success, and we hope you have a very happy and successful New Year.

John Reed, M.D., Dominique Surel, Ph.D., Dick Blasband, M.D.


Table of Contents: (you can either click on the article links below, or scroll down the page to read the articles)

1. Summary (immediately below this Table of Contents)


2. WISE Announces the 2013 International Conference on Life Energy: Syntropy and Resonance


3. WISE Helsinki, Finland, Branch Established, Prof. Asta Raami, Director


3. Hong Kong 2012 International UFO Congress Is Huge Success


4. WISE Worldwide Resource Center Is Launched


5. WISE Makes Several Anomalies Periodicals Available via the WISE Digital Library


6. Interesting Advertisements (new book, T. Townsend Brown's Papers, Smithsonian Secret Warehouse, and others) (Special: William R. Corliss Books for sale)



We are proud to annonce that WISE will be holding the International Conference on Life Energy: Syntropy and Resonance in Viterbo, Italy, August 1-4, with three exciting workshops to follow.


WISE has established an official Branch in Helsinki, Finland, with Professor Asta Raami as Director. We look forward to working with Prof. Raami and her colleagues on various research projects.


The 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress was held November 17-18, 2012, and was a resounding success with record-breaking attendance of more than 1,300 people. The success of this Congress was due in large part to the efforts of WISE Hong Kong Branch Director, Dr. Albert So.


The WISE Worldwide Resource Center (WRC) was launched in December and is a gigantic "wiki" database, directory, encyclopedia, digital library, and much more. It designed to be a comprehensive resource about all people, organizations, periodicals, and subjects, worldwide, related to scientific anomalies, unexplained phenomena, alternative and traditional medicine, new energy concepts, as well as, legends and unsolved mysteries in science, technology, history and many other fields of knowledge.


WISE is making available via links form this website several complete sets of digitized anomalies periodicals. This is part of the ongoing project to digitize and/or make available digitized versions of every anomalies and alternative medicine periodical that has ever been published anywhere in the world.


WISE Benefits Summary: So many benefits, programs, and projects have been established by WISE to benefit our members that it is sometime hard to remember them all. So we have included a summary of them in this issue, and encourage you to participate in any of the programs or project you may find of interest.


Advertisements: Finally, again there are several advertisements you may find of interest. Most advertisements are not very interesting, but WISE advertisements are often not only interesting, but even exciting in some cases. You can advertise for anything you need in the anomalies field, such as books, missing issues of periodicals, or anything else, or place an advertisement to sell what you have.



WISE Announces the 2013 International Conference on Life Energy: Syntropy and Resonance

The International Conference on Life Energy:

Syntropy and Resonance

Viterbo, Italy, August 1-4, 2013


Call for Papers


The World Institute for Scientific Exploration is happy to announce its first international conference to be held in Viterbo, Italy. This conference will cover the latest research on life energy, with an emphasis on syntropy and resonance, and three workshops will be presented. You are invited to submit your papers to the Program Chairperson, Dr. Antonella Vannini, if you would like to give a presentation, and please register for the conference if you would like to attend. Conference detail are below.

Program Committee: Dr. Antonella Vannini, chairman, Dr. Richard Blasband, Dr. Dominique Surel and Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo. Send an abstract to antonella.vannini@syntropy.org by the 15th of June, 2013, and the full paper by the 15th of July. Presentation of papers should last at least 30 minutes, but no longer than one hour, with 15 minutes allowed for questions and discussion.

Hotel reservations: The conference venue is at the hotel Domus La Quercia, Viale Fiume 112, Viterbo, Italy. Full board charge (per person per day) is 70€ for a double room, and 80€ for a single room. Hotel reservations are to be made directly at prenotazioni@domuslaquercia.com, tel. +39-0761-33731. This hotel is a restructured 14th century monastery, not far from the birth place of Luigi Fantappiè, one of the greatest mathematician of the 20th century, whose considerations on syntropy as contrasted with entropy imply deep modifications in our undertanding of the nature of life energy.

Transportation: Travelling by air to Rome Fiumicino airport: board a regional train to Rome, stop at Trastevere station (30 min) and change train to Viterbo. Get off at Viterbo Porta Fiorentina station (1 hour and 45 minutes). If you come from Florence: board a train to Rome and stop in Orte to change train to Viterbo. Get off at Viterbo Porta Fiorentina station.

Registration: A registration fee of 120 Euros or US$160.00 is required for non-speakers to attend the conference. Registration fees will be paid electronically following the instructions at the Conference registration web page (click here). After registering, please send an email to the organizer Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo: ulisse.dicorpo@syntropy.org . A limited number of 100 places are available.

Provisional time schedule: Registered participants will receive copies of the conference program and proceedings, along with additional information about local attractions, at the registration desk, which will open on Thursday, August 1st, at 12:00 noon. A welcome get-together will be held at 18.00 (6:00pm). Lectures are scheduled to begin at 9.00am on Friday, August 2. A guided tour of old Viterbo is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, and the gala dinner for Saturday. The meeting will close on Sunday, August 4, soon after lunch.

Workshops: Three workshops will be held: The Syntropy and Life Energy Workshop (August 5), then the Life Energy and Methodology Workshop (August 6) , and the Controlled Remote Viewing – A Transformational Experience Workshop (August 7). Registration is required for attending each workshop, and may be done when registering for the conference itself. After registering, send an email to the organizer Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo: ulisse.dicorpo@syntropy.org.


WISE Helsinki, Finland, Branch Established, Prof. Asta Raami Is Appointed Director


The Helsinki, Finland, branch of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) has been officially established, and Professor Asta Raami was appointed as its Director. In addition, the WISE National Advisory Council of Finland (WISE-NACF) was created, to which Prof. Raami was appointed, as well as, her colleague Prof. Samu Mielonen. The WISE National Advisory Council of each country consist of researchers, writers, and other individuals who are prominent or well known for their research and investigation of scientific anomalies, alternative and traditional medicine practices, alternative energy, alternative scientific hypotheses, unexplained phenomena, and related subjects.

Prof. Raami is an enthusiastic supporter of WISE and its mission, and has had a long time interest in the design of signs and symbols and the energetic level they impress. In addition, she has a strong interest in intuition, intuitive knowledge, and the development of  intuitive skills, and has published numerous articles on these subjects.

Prof. Raami  is a Lecturer of Creative Design Process Development at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, in Helsinki, Finland, and has been teaching at Aalto University (former University of Art and Design) since 1998.

During the years 1997-1999 she worked as a designer in a project researching development of digital platform supporting inquiry learning and shared expertise through knowledge building.

Since 2000 she has been coaching MA students in order to help them develop their personal creative process further, both in Coaching Creativity –courses as well as in personal coaching sessions. During the years 2008-2011 Prof. Raami worked as a researcher in a project researching intuition in creative processes, funded by the Academy of Finland. And during  2011-12, she has also been teaching Developing Intuitive Thinking, a course tailored to other Aalto University lecturers and instructors

Prof. Raami has received merits in the area of graphic design and she has designed several brand identities for the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and for other organizations. She has also published many articles in the area of creativity and design, as well as researched the area of intuition. WISE is proud to have Prof. Raami leading the Helsinki Branch of WISE, and we look forward to working with her and the Helsinki team on numerous projects.


Hong Kong 2012 International UFO Congress Is Huge Success with Record Attendance

by Dr. Albert So, Director, WISE - Hong Kong Branch               


The successful inaugural International UFO Congress on Dec 10, 2010, lead the Hong Kong UFO Club (HKUFO) to run the second Hong Kong International UFO Congress November 17-18, 2012.  With the support of Hong Kong Institute of Ufology (HKIOU) and World Institute for Scientific Exploration - Hong Kong Branch, the 2012 event was split up into two days: an introduction for laymen and an academic conference for researchers. 


On Day 1, Nov 17, more than 1,300 attendants gathered at the “flying saucer conference hall” of Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre. The hall was filled to capacity and broke all attendance records for an event of this nature, which ran from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Besides the local speakers, four honorary speakers were invited to give lectures at the Congress, namely Dr. Dominique Surel WISE Vice President, Mr. Paul Stonehill, a world wide renowned writer on Russian UFO events, Mr. Mike Horn, the official representative of the Billy Meier contactee case in North America, and Dr. Michael H.L. Fu, renowned ufologist from Taiwan who also worked at NASA.     

On Day 2, a more academic and university styled conference, called “HK International UFO Congress PRO, was arranged mainly by WISE - Hong Kong, co-organized with HKIOU and HKUFO Club.  “PRO”, of course, means professional, and this may be the first conference of this nature in Asia.  Seven speakers were invited to present in the afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Since Day 1 was for laymen, instantaneous interpretation was arranged, while on Day 2, English was the official language used throughout.  A formal proceedings, including papers from all seven speakers, were distributed to some 150 attendants. 


Dr. Surel talked about the mechanism of the Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Protocol with case studies of seeking aliens by CRV.  Dr. Fu talked about new Research & Development (R&D) being conducted by NASA for interplanetary or even inter-stellar journeys.  Mr. Horn addressed solid proof of Billy Meier’s contactee cases.  Mr. James Chu discussed advanced technology of M.T. Keshe regarding free energy physics and utilizations.  Mr. Jack Wun talked about his year long research in stone monuments and their possible meaning to the mankind from aliens.  Mr. Paul Stonehill discussed various investigations into USO (unidentified submerged object) phenomena by the Russians.  Dr. Albert So, Director of WISE – Hong Kong, talked about the century long investigations into the famous Tunguska explosion by scientists within and outside Russia.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Surel conducted two one-day workshops on Controlled Remote Viewing that were both sold-out.

Overall, the 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress was a huge success, and clearly, with record breaking attendance, more and more people are becoming interested in the subjects covered by this Congress.


WISE Worldwide Resource Center Is Launched

The WISE online Worldwide Resource Center (WRC) (Home page of WRC) was launched in December, 2012, and is an independent project initiated by the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE). The WRC is a gigantic "wiki" database, directory, encyclopedia, digital library, and much more. In fact, it is also a publishing platform and is being used to publish this issue, and subsequent issues, of the WISE Newsletter. The WRC is designed to be a comprehensive resource for all topics and subjects, worldwide, related to scientific anomalies, unexplained phenomena, alternative and traditional medicine, new energy concepts, as well as, legends and unsolved mysteries in science, technology, history and many other fields of knowledge.  

The WRC was originally conceived to be just an online wiki-encyclopedia , similar to Wikipedia, and we have been giving you updates of progress on this aspect of the Resource Center. But we realized that the wiki-resource we were preparing could be much more than just an encyclopedia, and could be made into a much more valuable resource for anomalies researchers worldwide.

So we broadened the concept to be a “Resource Center,” and to provide a single source to which people worldwide could turn for information on any person, organization, periodical, or subject related to anomalies, but also for digitized books and periodicals, for comprehensive bibliographies, for a platform to publish newsletters of the WISE branches and affiliated organizations worldwide, for blogging, and much more. In fact, this issue of the WISE Newsletter is coming to you via the WRC wiki, although it will also be available on the WISE website, as well.

 The “Wiki” aspect of the WRC, however, is fully retained and there are thousands of pages for people, organizations, periodicals, and subjects which you can easily search for using the search box in the upper right corner of every page. There are also pages for each of the 235 countries and territories of the world, which cover all of the above anomalies subjects and related activities taking place in those countries and territories, as well as, in the states and provinces of the US and Canada. You can search for countries, states, and provinces using the search box in the upper right.

Moreover, as a “Wiki”,  any registered person is able to create a new page on any subject, edit existing pages, correct inaccuracies, add new information, make comments, attach documents or photos, and do many other things to add valuable content. All such additions are as easy as working with Word documents, and do not require any "mark-up" symbols, as most wikis, including Wikipedia require. All you have to do is click on the “Edit this page” button, type what you want, and click on "save" button. But before you are able to do that, you have to register, and then you should review the few FAQs as well, since they cover the basics in creating and editing pages and searching.

Once you have registered, you can start immediately creating pages or adding information to existing pages on any subjects you are interested in related to scientific anomalies, unexplained phenomena, alternative or traditional medicine, alternative energy, legends, and unsolved mysteries of all kinds. You can also create a page for yourself and put up your bio, resume, or CV,  and tell everyone all about you research projects, accomplishments, and other aspects of your life. Or you can create pages for any other person, organization, periodical, event, or subject, as long as it relates in some way to the above topics.

Please remember that as a "wiki", this is a huge work in progress, and we have not yet had the time to add information to all of the thousands of pages we have created. However, our researchers will continue adding as much information, bibliographies, and links to other sources as possible. Also in the case of pages for individual people, we have not added any information yet, because we wanted to give everyone a chance to put in whatever information they wanted about themselves first, before people all over the internet start adding information. Through your help we all can make this a reference source of value to researchers worldwide.


WISE Makes Several Anomalies Periodicals Available via the WISE Digital Library

We are happy to report that several anomalies periodicals are being made available to you via the WISE Digital Library (WDL). These titles include:  1) The Zetetic  2) Project Hessdalen Newsletter 3) Omni Magazine and 4) The Nordic UFO Newsletter. These issues are being made available via links to other websites, and as such are part of the “distributed library” aspect of the WDL. Many of the anomalies periodicals and books that have been digitized (and that will be digitized in the future) are still under copyright protection. And it is, therefore, necessary to provide links to such periodicals, since we can’t just copy and paste them directly into the WDL without permission of the copyright holder.

  1. The Zetetic Scholar was published by the late Dr. Marcello Truzzi, a professor  of sociology for many year at Eastern Michigan University, and who founded and ran the Center for Scientific Anomalies Research (CSAR) until his death in 2003. A total of eleven issues were published, beginning with Vol 1, no. 1 in 1978, and ending with Vol. 12/13 in August, 1987. There were two combined number issues that were published. The entire set has been made available by the research scholar George P. Hanson at: http://tricksterbook.com/truzzi/ZeteticScholars.html
  1. The Project Hessdalen Newsletter, as the name implies, was the periodical published by Project Haessdalen, an organization in Norway that has been investigating the strange lights that have appeared for decades in the Hessdalen Valley of that country. Dr. Erling Strand, a prominent member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), our sister organization, was one of the founders of this project. The Newsletter was published in English from 1983-1985, and a total of seven issues were published. Ole Jonny Braenne, a well known researcher and writer in Norway, with whom WISE is working and coordinating digitization of periodicals, has digitized all of the issues of the Project Hessdalen Newsletter and has made them available at: http://www.ufonorway.com.ar/archive/PHB/
  1. OMNI Magazine was a well know newsstand magazine published from 1978 to 1995 by OMNI Publications International, Ltd. in New York. It carried articles on many kinds of anomalies, as well as, speculation and  futuristic articles. Vol. 1, no.1 was issued in October, 1978, and after 196 issues, ceased with Vol. 17, no. 9 (Winter, 1995). All 196 issues are available at: http://archive.org/details/omni-magazine


  1. The Nordic UFO Newsletter was a newsletter published from 1981-1988 by “Nordic UFO Groups”, which consisted of three organizations: 1) Norsk UFO Center in Norway; 2) Riksorganisationen UFO – Sverige in Sweden; and 3) the organization called  “UFO Research of Finland”. These groups published a total of 11 issues of the newsletter, beginning with issue No.1 in 1981 and ending with Issue No.1 in 1988. All 11 issues were digitized by Ole Jonny Braenne, the well know researcher and writer mentioned above, and is available at: http://www.ufonorway.com.ar/archive/NUN/

The above periodicals are only a few of many anomalies and alternative medicine periodicals that we know have been digitized, and we will continue to search for others and make them available to you. Besides digitizing anomalies and alternative medicine periodicals, WISE is working with Dr. Michael Swords and his colleagues, with Ole Jonny Braenne of Norway, with Anders Liljegren of Sweden, and other individuals and organizations around the world to coordinate the digitization of these periodicals.

It is a very laborious and expensive process, so we do not want to duplicate what others have already digitized, nor do we want anyone to waste their time and money by digitizing a periodical that we or our colleagues may already have digitized or started to digitize. Coordination is obviously necessary to prevent such duplication of effort.

So please check your hard drives, databases, and other sources you have access to for any anomalies or alternative medicine periodicals that may be present and are already digitized, and let us know or send them to us. And please help us digitize periodicals if you have access to a scanner or copying machine. With everyone pitching in, we will be able to digitize a great many periodicals and make them available for everyone’s use. Even if you only have access to a copying machine, that will be just fine, because you can also send me copies and I will digitize them, and I will pay you any postage costs involved.

There are hundreds of anomalies and alternative medicine periodicals, but there are also hundreds of us, so if we each offered to copy or scan just one periodical title, we would soon have hundreds of digitized periodicals for everyone to use. But please check with me first so we can keep track of who is copying or scanning what periodicals. With your help, we can create a very valuable digital library of anomalies and alternative medicine periodicals that will be of use to researchers worldwide. You can write to me, John Reed, at joreed43@gmail.com Thank you for your help.


Classified Ads, Display Ads, Announcements


The ISE Newsletter is distributed to over 3,500 people who are interested in anomalies

COST:  $5 for 1/4page or less, and each ¼ increment above ¼ page. Full page: $20


New book by WISE Member, Paul Lamping


Healing, Synchronicities, Global Conspiracy -

Read the Tale That Has it All

How might events unfold if a cynical scientist used the newly discovered powers of consciousness to thwart the agenda of a 21st century mastermind?

Find out by reading Revelations of Fate, available in print and e-book at http://www.palamping.com/Order.php.



Where Are T. Townsend Brown’s Papers ?

Does anyone know anything about what happened to T. Townsend Brown’s papers, laboratory notes, and other items? Please reply to: iseresearch51@gmail.com



Collections of Anomalies Books, Periodicals, and Papers Wanted for Preservation and Research


Do you know of any defunct or inactive anomalies organizations or periodicals, or were you perhaps a leader, member, editor, or subscriber yourself?

Hundreds of anomalies organizations and periodicals have come and gone over the years, and many of the records, papers, and anomalies literature collections that these organizations and periodicals maintained are at risk for being lost, and in some cases have already been lost forever. Tax deductible donations of such literature are encouraged, but WISE stands ready, willing, and able to purchase such items, if necessary, to prevent their loss.


The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) has established an Anomalies Literature and Papers Preservation Program (ALPPP) and needs your help in tracking down the former leaders of any defunct organizations and periodicals you know about. We need your help, because we want to preserve these collections so they will not be lost, and so they can be used for research purposes.  So if you know of any leaders or editors of defunct anomalies organizations or periodicals, please email WISE at: iseresearch51@gmail.com, because only with your help can we preserve this important anomalies literature. This literature will be preserved in the National Library for Anomalies and Unexplained Phenomena (NLAUP), headquartered in Baltimore, and at its various branches around the US and overseas. Thank you for any help you can provide. 


Information Wanted about the Smithsonian                    “Secret Warehouse.”

Do any of you know anything about the legendary “Secret Warehouse”

maintained somewhere by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.??

Legend has it that this is where the Smithsonian stores all of the anomalous artifacts and technologies that don’t fit well with accepted theories of archaeology, human history, evolution, and other current scientific paradigms. An anonymous WISE benefactor is funding the WISE “Smithsonian Secret Warehouse Project” and is offering substantial money for leads and other information about the existence of this warehouse, either for or against.


Please write to WISE at the following email address if you know anything about this: iseresearch51@gmail.com , because with your help, one of the enduring mysteries of modern times can be solved.



Help Wanted –  for WordPress, and Wiki Development

Do any of you have experience using WordPress or using TikiWiki CMS Groupware??

WISE needs your help or advice in these two areas, because we use WordPress for the WISE website, and because the WISE Online Encyclopedia uses the wiki software TikiWiki CMS Groupware. If so, or if you know anyone else who does have such experience, please contact John at: iseresearch51@yahoo.com Thank you.



Does anyone know anything about a man named Henry Schlanger?

There may be more than one Henry Schlanger, but the one we are looking for compiled the 63 page index to the 1941 edition of the book called, The Books of Charles Fort (1,125 pages). This Mr. Schlanger may  no longer be living, but if any of you with some genealogical research experience could lend a hand in locating his family or any biographical information about him, we would greatly appreciate it. Please reply to: iseresearch51@gmail.com


Special: William R. Corliss Books for Sale, click here


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