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International Coalition of Periodical Digitizing Organizations and Individuals (ICPDOI)

The International Coalition of Periodical Digitizing Organizations and Individuals (ICPDOI) was created by the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) in order to help organize and coordinate the digitization of the hundreds of journals and periodicals that have been published on scientific anomalies, parapsychology, spiritualism, the paranormal, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. Access to all of these periodicals is being made freely available to researchers worldwide by WISE through the WISE Digital Library.

By creating this coalition, ICPDOI hopes to avoid the duplication of effort among the people worldwide who are digitizing periodicals on these subjects, especially since digitizing is so labor intensive and expensive.

Another important objective of the ICPDOI in this digitizing effort is to preserve the periodicals on these subjects and make them available to researchers worldwide, since most titles are rare, and are found in very few public or university libraries in the world. In fact, many of the several hundred periodicals that have been published on these subjects are found in no publicly available library in the world, but only in private collections of individuals, organizations, or the publisher of the periodical, unavailable to anyone except the owner and perhaps a few others living near the organization, or who the owner would lend or sell a copy to.  

These private collections, however, are frequently lost or destroyed when the owners die or the organization or periodical becomes defunct, which has been the case with about 90% of the organizations in the anomalies and paranormal fields, and with a somewhat lesser percentage in the alternative and complementary medicine field. And about the same percentage of periodicals on these subjects have also become defunct, frequently after only a few issues have been published.

Because of this, WISE has established a coalition of university and public libraries, as well as, private organizations and individuals interested in preserving materials on these subjects. This is called the Coalition for the Preservation of Extraordinary Human Experience Collections (CPEHEC), to reflect the nature of the subjects covered, which are usually some type of extraordinary experience or observation. This coalition will monitor at risk collections of literature on the above subjects, as well as, provide repositiories for collections when an organization or periodical becomes defunct, or an individual passes away, no longer wants to retain his collection, or wants his collection and papers on the above subjects preserved.

WISE's mission is to help preserve such collections physically, as well as via digitiztion, and so we will also be working closely with the ICPDOI to achieve that goal. In the cases of individuals, if the owner wants the collection preserved, WISE will preserve the physical collection intact for the owner, or else find a suitable university, public, or other library to preserve the owner's collection. And if he or she wants to keep his collection, we will encourage him or her to at least digitize the unique items in that collection and make them available to the researchers of the world. If anyone is interested in participating in or assisting with these projects, please contact John H. Reed at: iseresearch51@gmail.com


Organizations and Individuals Digitizing Periodicals whom we would like to invite to participate in the ICPDOI:

  • International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP) , Marc Demarest, John Patrick Deveney, Jay Kinney, K. Paul Johnson;
  • Dr. Eberhard Bauer/University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Walter Meyer zu Erpen/Survival Research Institute of Canada; and Psychical Research Archives Endowment;
  • John H. Reed, M.D., World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE); WISE Digital Library ;
  • Anders Lilgegren and the Archives for UFO Research, Sweden;
  • Ole Jonny Braene, Digitizing all anomalies periodicals published in Norway;
  • Dr. Michael Swords, William (Bill) Murphy, and other colleagues of Dr. Swords;
  • Isaac Koi, United Kingdom;
  • Dr. George P. Hansen, digitizing and uploading anoamlies periodicals;
  • Ray Nelke, digitizing periodical articles; Founder of Collectors of Unusual Data, International (COUD-I)
  • Uruguayan Group, Upasika. Net (Pat checking on)
  • Gallica Group (France)
  • Australian Group
  • Spain Group
  • New Zealand Group
  • Lexscien (UK) (Charges for access)
  • William Monroe (uploading digitized occult periodicals to Scribd.com)
  • Crissy 2012 (Uploading digitized occult periodicals to Scribd.com)
  • Italian Group? (John Reed checking on)



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