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WISE Digital Library (WDL)

(Please Note: Because our digital collection is growing so large, we have created subject categories or sections for all of the 307 digitized periodical titles we freely provide access to, and those subject sections are immediately below the Introduction. Also, we will be providing information about numerous journals and other periodicals that are not made freely available by their publishers, but which may be of interest to researchers. Those periodicals, however, are not included in the count of freely available periodical titles.)

If you would like to make a comment about the WISE Digital Library or any of its contents, or add, correct, or change any information about its periodicals, books, etc., please click on the dark blue  “Post new comment” in the upper left corner of this page and leave your comment or message. 


Mission and Availability

Below you will find links to dozens of full text periodicals on integrative, complementary, and indigenous medicine, alternative energy, scientific anomalies, consciousness and extraordinary mental abilities, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. This is the largest library of digitized periodicals on these subjects ever compiled. However, it is only the beginning, because it is the mission of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) to digitize and make freely available to researchers worldwide every periodical that has ever been published anywhere in the world on these subjects, within the bounds of copyright, of course.

Scope of Task

There are hundreds of periodicals on these subjects that have been published over the years, many of which are now defunct. And WISE and its partners around the world are in the process of digitizing all those periodicals that have not yet been digitized, with the goal of making them available through links in this library and other websites to researchers in every nation.

Benefits to Researchers Worldwide

We feel that this would be a substantial service and benefit to people worldwide, who have, until now, been unable to access most such periodicals, since many are rare, hard to find, and in very few university or public libraries anywhere in the world. Moreover, we feel that this will help spur and enhance research on the above subjects, since more prior research will now be available for researchers to use, and to be inspired by.

Avoiding Duplication of Effort

But WISE does not want to duplicate the digitizing of any periodical that someone else has already done or started. And by the same token, we don't want anyone else to waste their valuable time, money, and other resources digitizing periodicals that we or someone else has already done or is doing. So WISE is coordinating the worldwide effort to digitize the periodicals on all of the above subjects and work with our partners and colleagues around the world. To the end, WISE has established the International Coalition of Periodical Digitizing Organizations and Individuals (ICPDOI) in order to help organize and coordinate the digitization of the hundreds of journals and periodicals that have been published on scientific anomalies, parapsychology, spiritualism, the paranormal, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds.

The Master List of Periodicals and Digitization Status

WISE has created and is maintaining a "Master List" of all periodicals we know about worldwide on the above subjects and the digitization status of each periodical. This master list shows the titles of hundreds of periodicals on the above subjects, with an indication of those periodicals for which digitization has been completed, has been started, but not completed, or is being planned. We are also attempting to identify all groups worldwide who are doing digitization projects of periodicals, books, and other materials on the above subjects, so please let us know of any such projects that you are aware of by emailing us at: joreed43@gmail.com

Before You Begin  or Continue a Periodical Digitization Project

So if you are thinking about digitizing any periodicals, books, or other materials on the above subjects, or perhaps already have started to do, please contact WISE at the above email address to verify if anyone else is already doing it, or perhaps has completed what you intend to do. We have already encountered cases where people have spent large amounts of time and money digitizing periodicals, only to discover that it had already been done years before.

Not All Digitized Periodicals We Have Are Yet in the WISE Digital Library

As noted above, we currently have links to dozens of digitized periodicals, and many more have been digitized and are ready to be added, but we just have not yet had the time to put them in this WISE Digital Library. So please do not assume that if a journal is not listed below that it is OK to start or continue digitizing it. Only the Master List of periodicals being digitized will be able to indicate the digitization status of any periodical.

Each of You Can Be a Big Help To Researchers Worldwide

Needless to say, digitizing hundreds of rare, hard to find periodicals is a huge task, but each of you can contribute in this great effort, and thereby help researchers around the world. You can be a great help by simply checking your computer or external hard drives, or other databases you have access to, and looking for periodicals on the above subjects that have been digitized as PDFs or other file types. You can then either send WISE the files directly or send the internet address/URL to WISE at the email address: iseresearch51@gmail.com Or you can simply post the same information in the "Comments" space above. We will then add to the library what you have sent and give you full credit, and you will have made a lasting contibution to help researchers worldwide.

Digitzed Periodicals in the WISE Digital Library:

Subject Category Links:

1. Biomedical Journals and Periodicals (focusing on alternative, complementary, holistic, indigenous, and ethnic traditional medicines and practices, energy medicine, biofields, bioelectromagnetics, electrotherapeutics, photomedicine, medical hypotheses, and related subjects):

2. Consciousness and Parapsychology Journals and Periodicals (focusing on all aspects of consciousness, parapsychology, psychical research, spiritualism, and other unexplained psychological phenomena, extraordinary mental abilities, and related subjects;)

3. Alternative and New Energy Journals and Periodicals (focusing on all aspects of  new and alternative energies and fuels, new hypotheses, and related subjects;)

4. Scientific Anomalies and Unexplained Physical Phenomena Journals and Periodicals (focusing on scientific anomalies of all kinds in the physical sciences, alternative scientific theories and hypotheses, and all unexplained phenomena in the physical sciences;)

5. Social Science Journals and Periodicals on Unexplained Phenomena and Events (focusing on unexplained historical events and mysteries, unusual artifacts and discoveries, and unanswered questions of all kinds in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, folklore, geography, history, philosophy, religion, and other social sciences not covered elsewhere.)

6. Multiple Disciplinary Journals and Periodicals on Unexplained Phenomena (journals and periodicals that cover more than one of the above broad subject areas and that cover other subject areas of scientific anomalies, unexplained phenomena, and unsolved mysteries not covered by other subject categories.)

7. Skeptic Journals and Periodicals (Periodicals that focus on criticizing books, articles, periodicals, organizations, and people doing research on or publishing anything about alternative medicine, parapsychology, the paranormal, or related subjects, especially anything positive or favorable about such subjects.)

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