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WISE Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2 (August, 2013)

Dear WISE Members,

We have a lot more exciting news about the various activities and projects that WISE has been working since the last issue. Perhaps the most important activity, was the very successful First WISE International Conference: Syntropy and Resonance, held in Viterbo, Italy, earlier this month, but several other important accomplishments have been made, which you will see in the articles below.

 As usual, people are joining WISE from all over the world, and more members are volunteering to help with and start research projects, becoming division, department or national advisors, and offering other support for our great quest to do research on scientific anomalies, alternative energy, alternative and traditional medicine, and to develop technologies and services from that research that will benefit people worldwide.

WISE provides a worldwide platform for research and publication on scientific anomalies, alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine, consciousness, parapsychology, alternative energy, historical legends, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. And in providing a platform for these subjects, WISE wants to make sure that we include all individuals, worldwide, who would like to participate in the programs and activities of WISE, and not have membership dues or the lack of money to be an inhibiting factor, so all membership fees have been eliminated. (Click here to go to the page showing the seventeen (17) benefits you will enjoy as a member of this institute.)


We Thank You for being part of the WISE movement, and wish you happy Summer Days!

John Reed, M.D., Dominique Surel, Ph.D., Dick Blasband, M.D.


(Please Note: To read the articles, click on the title of the article.)



by Dr. Dominique Surel


2. WISE Viterbo Conference - A Crack in the Armor 

by Dr. Richard Blasband


3. WISE Annual Innovative Research Prize Awarded to Dr. Antonella Vannini     by John H. Reed, M.D.


4. WISE Digital Library: Numerous Digitized Periodicals Added, Now Largest Library of Its Kind in World   by John H. Reed, M.D.


5. Syntropy and Life Energy   by Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo and  Dr. Antonella Vannini


6. WISE Branches Established at Harvard, Hopkins, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology  by John H. Reed, M.D.


7. 2014 WISE Global Conference, Boulder, CO (August): Where Science and Humanity Meet – Paradigm Busters  by Dr. Dominique Surel


8. WISE Helsinki Branch – Lecture Series This Fall on Intuition and Exceptional Human Abilities    by Prof. Samu Mielonen & Prof. Asta Raami


9. General Systems Theory (GST) and Indian Philosophy May Bring Science and Spirituality Closer to Each Other

by Dr. Surendra Singh Pokharna


10. Interesting Advertisements (new book, T. Townsend Brown's Papers, Smithsonian Secret Warehouse, and others) (Special: William R. Corliss Books for sale)


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